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Xenosaga Icon Awards
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Week 22 - Tech Attacks 
20th-Nov-2006 08:00 pm
Light The Way
Yo, homies!

The theme this week is Tech Attacks.

Would you like some examples?
Here's a list:

Lunar Blade
Last Symphony

You can use any version of those words, or convey them with images, phrases, or whatever.
If you're not sure if your icon fits the theme, feel free to ask!

You may enter up to two icons, as always.

Submit like this:

I Don't Miss
URL: http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b365/hikarisenshi/Miss.png
Font: Trajan
Comments: Anything we need to know, such as this icon was made by me, hikarisenshi

ICONS ARE DUE BY MONDAY, December 4th. (Due to the holidays, I'm throwing in an extra weekend! ;D )

Happy iconin'!
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