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Xenosaga Icon Awards
..:the perfect unbroken chain:..
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20th-Nov-2006 08:00 pm - Week 22 - Tech Attacks
Light The Way
Yo, homies!

The theme this week is Tech Attacks.

Would you like some examples?
Here's a list:

Lunar Blade
Last Symphony

You can use any version of those words, or convey them with images, phrases, or whatever.
If you're not sure if your icon fits the theme, feel free to ask!

You may enter up to two icons, as always.

Submit like this:

I Don't Miss
URL: http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b365/hikarisenshi/Miss.png
Font: Trajan
Comments: Anything we need to know, such as this icon was made by me, hikarisenshi

ICONS ARE DUE BY MONDAY, December 4th. (Due to the holidays, I'm throwing in an extra weekend! ;D )

Happy iconin'!
18th-Nov-2006 11:47 am - Week 21 - Winners
Rahm Emanuel will fucking kill you.
Enh. Only seven votes.
WAY less than last time.
That loses. >_>

Here be some winners. :D

Read more...Collapse )
14th-Nov-2006 10:32 pm - Week 21 - Voting
And now, bring on t3h FEAR~!
(Copy and pasted from last voting post because I have no originality!)

+ Vote for two icons
+ Try not to vote for yourself!
+ Voting will close MONDAY, at which point I will put up a new theme.
+ I need at least six votes to close this!

Run From Pedophiles... RUN AS FAST AS YOU CANCollapse )

Break-a-leg, contestants!
- hikarisenshi
13th-Nov-2006 08:16 pm - Fear Deadline
Hello Again, My Friends!

Today is the deadline for the Fear theme~!

Would you like to submit a last-minute entry for tomorrow's voting??? I know you would~~~~

- hikarisenshi
7th-Nov-2006 07:26 pm - Week 21 - Fear Extension
Good evening, ladies and gents!

We have three entries for our Fear theme this week, and if possible, may we have some more? :)

I'm extending the submission post to Monday, November 13 (how fitting) AND, I'll throw out some suggestions for good measure:

Fear Of Losing Something
Afraid Of Letting Go
Darkness is scary, especially when you're alone
MOMO's face when she is being terrorized by Albedo ^____^b

Please enter, and have fun!

- hikarisenshi
2nd-Nov-2006 02:47 pm - MODLY DUTIES
Rahm Emanuel will fucking kill you.
We all know how incredibly awesome I am at not keeping up with things lately.

So here's what's changing around here.
I am still your mod - don't think I'm not.
But I needed to share the burden.
For now, plz to welcome hikarisenshi as Deputy Moderator!
I may take on another one, but we'll see how things go for now.

I have completely purged the Banner Maker list.
IF YOU DO NOT HAVE BANNERS FOR A CERTAIN WEEK, I'M SORRY. Plz take missing banners over to cb_overflow or ask a friend, etc.

I am REMAKING THE BANNER MAKER LIST so that it doesn't include myself.
If you would like to stay a banner maker, that's awesome and we'd love to have you.
Just drop a note on this post.

I'm also looking for some MORE banner makers.
If you were not previously a banner maker here and would like to help out, leave a note below with the following information:

Previous experience
At least one sample banner

If you've never made banners before, that's fine - just let me know. I'm not so elitist as to not accept you - everyone has to start somewhere, right?

And don't forget that I will personally maim you if I get spoiled for Xenosaga III before I play it. :D

That is all. For now.
30th-Oct-2006 02:48 pm - Week 21 - Fear
Rahm Emanuel will fucking kill you.
The theme for this week is FEAR, in honor of Halloween.

Interpret however you like - you do NOT have to use the word, if you can find a way to portray the general feeling.
You can also use any form of the word you like, such as "afraid" or "scared". That's fine.

Submit icons like this:

URL: http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y72/spasticplastic/Icons%20for%20Contests/Albedo-AreYouAfraid.gif
Comments: Anything else I need to know, such as this icon was made by me, tsukitaichou

+ You make make up to two icons
+ You may NOT POST YOUR ICONS anywhere else until after voting is over
+ DO NOT MAKE SPOILER ICONS FOR XENOSAGA 3. I really mean it. I haven't played it yet, and I'll be VERY upset with you.
+ Contest ends Monday, November 6.
30th-Oct-2006 02:47 pm - Week 20 - WINNARS
Rahm Emanuel will fucking kill you.

Ether Drive!Collapse )

Banner maker this week is....uh...
I don't know. For this week, plz to go to cb_overflow, okay?

I'm actually going to start from scratch on banner makers. I'll put up a post about it right after the new theme in a few.
13th-Oct-2006 09:53 am - Week 20 - Voting
Rahm Emanuel will fucking kill you.
So like.
This was up for TWO MONTHS, and it still only got very few entries. Sigh.

+ Vote for two icons
+ Try not to vote for yourself!
+ Voting will close MONDAY, at which point I will try very hard to put up a new theme.
+ I need at least six votes to close this!

VoteCollapse )
4th-Aug-2006 08:15 am(no subject)
Rahm Emanuel will fucking kill you.
I've been really busy, so I'll be ending this theme (FREE FOR ALL) on Monday, August 6.
If you haven't entered, please go HERE to do so!
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